My New Boyfriend Is Hung Like a Horse

Posted on March 21, 2007

Would you look at that lens?!
This, my friends, is my new macro lens. It’s super mega wonderful and almighty powerful. This puppy weights like 10 pounds, but it works so nice. For those of you looking for some specs, it’s a Vivitar Series 1, 70-210mm, 1:3.5. It’s pretty freakin sweet. And I managed to get a super sweet deal on it, and it looked at me with its puppy eyes, and I just couldn’t leave it there. The only down side is that it doesn’t have a CPU, which basically leaves me on my own and throws all of my automatic options out the window. While my other original lens offered me wide variety of automatic features that calculated the light and chose the aperture and exposure for me, this one is old school and incompatible with my camera in that sense. Since I don’t really know how all that stuff really works, this puts me in some kind of a pickle. Well, i just have to learn I guess. And for that sweet lens, I’d learn the world over if I had to. THAT, my friends, is Love. Simple version: I’m just going to get myself a light meeter and a read up on it and learn this shit!

Spring is nice in that sense; how suddenly projects seem realizable. The winter rut is over. And this whole job changes that I had to deal with was probably just life’s way of freeing up my stressed-out-and-worried-manager-head to make room for more exciting things like this.

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